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Join Faith Leaders & Government to Help All People

Community Care Resource Council (CCRC) provides a helping hand to all in need, and all prepared to serve and assist. We offer referrals in health care, education, community development, and support fostering networking opportunities. We coordinate assistance for individuals and organizations seeking to both give and receive. Our efforts cover an array of crucial life circumstances, including feeding the hungry, caring for youth and homeless, domestic violence, mental health, recidivism and substance misuse, and social insights.

Our Mission

Provide referral assistance to anyone seeking help in any life circumstances and collaborate with a network of community linkages to agencies, faith communities, and community-based organizations to address substance misuse, health, recidivism, at-risk children, and homelessness.

Our Vision

We will host events that create opportunities to collaborate and partner with a network of community linkages. Businesses and individuals will be introduced to faith, behavioral health, and governmental resource providers. Our partnerships empower those with passions and capabilities by providing assistance and training to local communities. We will lead as DFW becomes an example of using best practices for substance misuse, mental health, recidivism, childcare, trauma, homelessness, and more.

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1 Million

Lives Impacted
Mexican Independence Day
Mexican Independence Day

Mexican Independence...

September 17, 2022 - September 17, 2032
6969 C F Hawn Frwy, Dallas, TX 75217
It Takes a Village
It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

January 16, 2021 - January 16, 2030
Holiday Management
Holiday Management

Holiday Management

November 12, 2020 - March 23, 2030

CCRC Cares!

Current efforts will be augmented through feeding, empowering, and counseling. Our success stems from little known sources and methods available through faith, health, city, federal, and state governments. CCRC has a long history of success that people trust, and you can rely on positive outcomes.

65% Placement

Placement rate for mental health and substance misuse.

15% Families Fed

Families fed in communities each year.

25 Presentations

Annual presentations. We have community events twice a month for children and adults.

Help Providing Care

Feeding Hunger
Mental Health
Social Injustice
Substance Misuse
Domestic Violence
Community Engagement
Senior Support Services
Children’s Issues
Grief Counseling
Psychological Services

Community Engagement Spotlight

Every Child Matters
Whether you simply want to keep one child out of foster care, help one family in crisis stay together or rally your community, CarePortal connects you.

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Heroes, Cops, & Kids include a diverse background of individuals (Active Police Officers, Retired Police Officers, and Civilians) who have dedicated their personal time and resources to be positive role models for the community and its kids.

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CCRC Founder Karl Berry

Karl Berry was an All-American athlete, member of the National Honor Society, and Who’s Who. He was a published author, professional musician, and a mid-level manager with the telephone company. Karl has worked in business to business sales and managed phone salesrooms. During these 25 years, he was an active drug addict, using all day every day.

Today after 26 years in recovery, Karl is the Senior Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Community Care Resource Council (CCRC). He is known in professional circles as a help convener, a referral resource, a connector. Karl has extensive global connections that include governments, faith-leaders regardless of their beliefs, and behavior health resource providers.

His help has proven beneficial to organizations and individuals alike. Karl’s affiliations around the globe appear limitless when it comes to life circumstances and its entanglements. Problems such as substance misuse, mental health issues, adverse childhood experiences, homelessness, recidivism, social awareness, community development, food provision, and more.

Community care is Mr. Berry’s passion. He uses his skill as an event planner and provider to present programs that focus on a given community’s needs. Music, food, theater arts, assembled in a near-perfect fashion, provide the needed resources to revitalize hope. Vendors, speakers, government, and community leaders all come together to offer a transformational difference. Locally Karl is an elder in his home church. He labors long and hard for the underprivileged.

History of Community Care Resource Council

Karl Berry, the founder of Community Care Resource Council (CCRC), saw in 2007 a need for government, faith behavioral health, and community resource providers to unite. He sought to create a network to foster synergy & interaction within communities. A paradigm shift took place. Better, reliable, and more qualified help was easier to locate in and around the DFW and surrounding areas. This was a huge, but needed task. His goal is to have one source where people in need, individuals, or organizations, can get the information and locate the help they need. This would allow more options to access accurate evaluations, help seekers and providers deal with challenging life circumstances. CCRC can assist in areas like Health and Human Services, homelessness, mental health issues, and drug abuse. His work with Overcomers Outreach of Cedar Hill Texas as CEO demonstrated this need when dealing with addicts and their loved ones. CCRC has been instrumental in the past several years in networking with government agencies, both local and federal, private agencies, and faith-based organizations. CCRC has hosted events such as the World-Wide Overcomers Outreach conference. Under the umbrella of CCRC, lives are being improved, enhanced, even changed. Hunger Relief, Conquering Food Deserts, Healthy Eating, Medical screening, Recreation, Education, community & economic development, diversity & inclusion, Social Justice. Have all been impacted due to the increased knowledge of Helping hands are now available through CCRC.

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I have a proven track record of provision to all in need of help and introducing those people to sources that aid in overcoming their circumstances. Individuals Faith communities, Health providers, and governmental agencies all turn to CCRC for assistance. Let me know how I can help!

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