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Christ Youth of Africa


Christ Youth Of Africa is a non-governmental organization founded by the idea of Chris Nartey. This initiative represents his commitments as a child of God to uniting and strengthening our expertise in universal human development, leveraging voices in Christian dom to contribute to significant impacts worldwide, especially against moral decadence.

As an organization, we entirely focus our time, resources, and energy on impacting and empowering the youth of Africa through various career, skill training, and vocational activities to create sustainable jobs and help young people become independent and family leaders.

How CYA Helps Youth

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Youth Training

Christ Youth of Africa organization's principal objective is to train the youth in various business and entrepreneurial programs to help them become independent individuals who can start and manage their own successful business ventures to support themselves and their families.

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Child Abuse

Early child marriage particularly has forced many young people who should be in school to get married to men old enough to be their grandparents. Primarily as their fourth or fifth wives. These are terrible cultural and traditional practices that we have been working on abolishing altogether.

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Child Labor

Our organization is extremely concerned about these developments and as a result we have over the last three years teamed up with other concerned organizations and institutions to create more awareness, public education and support.

Advice CYA Gives Kids

Don’t let somebody squeeze you into their mold. God is doing a new thing. He’s going to take you further than your parents, further than those that have gone before. Listen to their advice, but be strong and follow that still small voice on the inside. Nobody can hear God’s direction for your life like you. God doesn’t give someone else more insight into your destiny than He does you. Sure others may see things, but God speaks to your spirit.


Youth Empowerment

Youth unemployment remains a significant problem in our sub-region and remains the number one cause of many social vices.

So to control this situation, we continually embark on various business-related entrepreneurial programs, skill training programs, and talent discovery initiatives with the sole objective of helping young people start and manage their businesses successfully.

Skills training includes:

1. Bio-field digester 10. Communion wine 🍷
2. Methylated spirit 11. Soap 🧼 making
3. Turpentine 12. Mushrooms 🍄farming
4. Ointment 13. Liquid soap
5. Brown sugar 14. Acrylic emulsion paint
6. Bee 🐝 keeping 15. Parazone
7. Yogurt 16. Gentian violet 💜
8. Banana 🍌bread 17. Liquid fertilizer
9. Soft drink 18. Weedicide

Become a Partner

We Welcome You to Join Hands with us make the world a better place for all. For more information, contact Dr. Chris Tetteh.

Our Location: Santa Maria, Accra-Ghana

Contact Us: +233 2441 12374


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