Comprehensive Homeless Outreach Program

Services: To serve individuals who are homeless and or ex-offenders through a continuum of care method that includes emergency shelter, casework services, intake and assessment, transitional housing, supportive services, and job readiness placement with the goal of gaining or regaining economic self-sufficiency. The program administers over $9.9M in grants and general funds. The program oversees contract operation of the Bridge through the management of the MDHA contract of $3.5M as well as the Offender Re-Entry Initiative. The Homeless Services Program serves the entire city of Dallas. The manager of the Comprehensive Homeless Outreach Program serves as the liaison to the operation of the Bridge as well as liaison to numerous community agencies and community programs.

Contact: Suanne Durham

Homeless Prevention Hotline: (214) 670-8501


  • Homeless Shelter


1500 Marilla, 6/B/North Dallas TX 75201