Prism Health North Texas

Prism Health North Texas slowly expanded care services to provide North Texans the opportunity to live a full life with HIV. As medicine advanced, fewer people were reaching an AIDS diagnosis, with even fewer were dying from AIDS complications. In recognition of this advancement, AIDS Arms Inc. became Prism Health North Texas. Like a prism illuminating a broad array of colors, Prism Health North Texas partners with North Texans to illuminate a broad array of futures and health available to them.

Providing expert healthcare and access to expert healthcare must be a community commitment. Prism Health North Texas is committed to meeting each person where they are. We are able to continue doing so because of the community’s support through donations, advocating for affordable healthcare, and dismantling the stigma against folks with HIV/AIDS.

Prism Health North Texas commits to staying on top of and involved with medical research in order to continually provide North Texans with personalized expert care for their health needs.

How to Apply: Call for intake

Fees: Sliding scale fees. Accepts Medicaid and Medicare Documents: Must bring proof of identity, residency, income, and HIV status Support: United Way, foundation grants, government contracts, and contributions.

Services: Provides case management, outpatient medical care, medication assistance for eligible individuals, referrals to mental health and substance abuse treatment, and assistance with improving access to medical care, treatment, and support services. It also provides HIV testing, counseling, and education regarding risk reduction and prevention. AIDS Arms, Inc. works with community organizations throughout North Texas to refer clients and facilitate linkage to medical care, dental services, housing, transportation, food, psycho-social counseling, substance abuse treatment, health insurance assistance, disability and financial assistance, government benefits, financial and legal planning, and caregiver support.

Executive Director: John Carlo, MD



  • Advocacy
  • AIDS/HIV Screening
  • Health Screenings
Additional Details
  • Bilingual
  • DART
  • ASL interpreters
  • ASL interpreters


219 Sunset Avenue, Suite 116-A, Dallas, TX