SisterZ with Hope & Faith, Inc.

About: SisterZ with Hope & Faith, Inc was established in July 2020 to support, empower and encourage our sisters and mothers who have had the misfortune of being victimized and ignored by society. Our goal is to reduce the number of women who are human trafficked and the number of women who reenter the criminal justice system.

SisterZ provides a safe haven where a woman’s basic needs are met and love, belonging, and esteem are encouraged to fully restore the powerful woman inside. Not only do our SisterZ go on to live healthy lives, but they become titans in industry, esteemed academics, and even political stars. Our tailored, algorithmic methodology has been proven to reduce human trafficking and recidivism. A few of our services include: high-quality outreach, a safe haven, educational resources, spiritual guidance, restoration, and counseling services.

Our Program
SisterZ will provide resources, information, and materials to assist with decreasing the number of female inmates re-entering into the criminal system and the number of human trafficking victims.

Outreach: Assessment, early intervention programs, group classes, and seminars, workshops and more.

Safe Haven: we will provide a safe shelter to the clients, with all necessary facilities and amenities at 24/7 security.

Restoration: we will help clients in recovering from social stress and traumas and make them able to return into the society.

Education & Training: we will empowers and improve our client’s skills and education through programs, degrees and certificates.

Spiritual Guidance: We will help our clients both for spiritual as well as religious needs.

Celebrate Recovery: A biblical and balanced recovery program to help the client to be free from life’s hurt, hang-ups, and habits.

Community Awareness: We provide awareness on a vast level so the people should know what their role is and how they can help people living around them.

Counseling Services: Therapies and counseling sessions to treat any social based issues, domestic violence, psychological disorders and any addiction.


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