Texas Offenders Re-Entry Initiative (T.O.R.I.)

Services: T.O.R.I. provides the reentry population with holistic wrap-around services and tailored resources. T.O.R.I. focuses on adult males and females who may be experiencing hopelessness, unemployment, lack of support, social-psychological, mental, medical, and/ or substance abuse issues, due to their background, that may hinder them from reentering into the community successfully.

Executive Director: Tina Naidoo
Program Coordinator: Tonyita Hopkins
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm, M-F
Access: DART and Train
How to Apply: Walk-In
Fees: One time $5 administration fee
Support: Grants
Phone: (214) 941-1325 ext. 309


  • Ex-Offender Services


1801 High Hill Blvd. Dallas TX 75203