The Critical Dialogue

The purpose of TCD (The Critical Dialogue) LIFE AT WORK is to discover the contradictions in the attempted definition of universals. It’s an attempt to find answers to universal questions which lie dormant in one’s mind.

Conversations That Guide You To Success

To help individuals and organizations realize and reach their potential

To provide innovative and powerful tools to facilitate the critical dialogue and conversations that help you discover new paths for personal and organizational transformation

Inner Work
The Critical Dialogue for Self will help you explore the eight dimensions of your life by engaging in difficult conversations which you may otherwise ignore. It will make you more ‘Self-aware’ and bring about a balance in your life, making you happy and enjoy living.

Business Transformation
The Critical Dialogue for business helps your leadership to engage in crucial conversations that go to power your people, teams and organization towards high performance

Peer Advisory Group Enabler

The Critical Dialogue – Peer Advisory Group Enabler (PAGETM) facilitates safe and powerful conversations within your peer groups, helping you fulfill your destiny. It provides you with a platform to safely explore your ‘self’ and validate your thoughts with like-minded people across the world.

Leadership PAGETM
The Leadership PAGE provides you with a unique environment where 8 – 10 non-competing business leaders meet monthly to learn and grow as business leaders, without neglecting the primary responsibilities of their business and family. It provides you with an environment of confidentiality, trust, friendship, mutual support and long-term accountability. It is like having your own personal board of advisors.

Parenting PAGE TM
The Parenting PAGE provides you with a safe and sound environment to engage in the critical dialogue of parenting with other like-minded parents. It helps you learn from other parents who have similar experiences. It can help parents gain perspective and provide them with help and support. The power of this PAGE comes from the fact that it is made up of groups who don’t know you personally or are not related to each other in any way. This provides an absolutely trustful, open, and more importantly non-threatening environment for parents to learn and grow.

This PAGE offers women to engage in the critical dialogue on all aspects which affect them personally, in a safe, trustful, open, and honest environment. The group includes having difficult conversations ranging from the topics of mental wellness, career building, self-care to coping strategies. The women’s group is a place of healing, where women can build friendships, work toward acceptance of their mental health and obtain support to manage their lives.

This PAGE provides a safe platform for teens to connect with their peer groups to share in a free and safe manner the challenges, issues and concerns they face. It enables through the critical dialogue teens to express in an uninhibited ways about their mental wellness, family issues, career plans, study challenges, self-care and self-development and coping issues. Through engaging in dialogue in a non-competitive – non-threatening manner, this PAGE provides an avenue for personal growth, long lasting friendships and support in their lives.

Teachers PAGE TM
Peer learning is one great way for teachers to observe each other practice and learning from one another. This PAGE for teachers focuses on enabling a support platform for the sharing of best practices and helps build awareness of the impact of one’s own teaching methods. The critical dialogue for teachers facilitates principals and school leaders to integrate peer advisory and observation within existing structures of their school’s strategic plans. It enables a great alignment between personal and collective improvement.

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