Ao & Tauri Arts and Crafts

A Day of Play in a Different Way!

Every box is inspired by an encouraging theme that provides creative fun for kids and provokes conversation about life lessons and giving. Nine interactive activities are included, and all materials are provided. A part of the sales proceeds goes to nonprofits dedicated to children.

Encouraging Themes
Every project starts with an encouraging phrase, which prompts discussion with parents and takes you on an emotional journey, while doing the art piece.

Art Supplies & Online Tutorials
The art supplies needed for every project will be provided, along with a detailed instruction card. There will also be online tutorials for each box, that can be viewed by subscribers.

Giving Back
A part of the sales proceeds will go to a child-based non-profit. To get your child involved, kids will be tasked with creating a greeting card that will be mailed to the kids at the non-profit organization.

  • Makes a fantastic gift! Add a personalized message to the first box!
  • Great for kids ages 4 – 10 years old.
  • Box includes: an art project, craft activity, coloring sheet, make & mail a card, secret decoder joke, fun exercise prompt, sticker sheet, celebrate idea card, and an encouragement wrist band
  • Featured craft: Make & Mail a Card! Kids will be tasked with creating a greeting card and mailing it to the kids at nonprofit organizations. Includes a pre-addressed envelope and stamp.

Boxes ship bi-monthly on Dec 10th, Feb 10th, Apr 10th, June 10th, Aug 10th, and Oct 10th.

Unbox your child’s inner artist today!