Tomorrow’s Purpose

At-risk students receive many different types of social services and educational programs. Unfortunately, few of those services or programs actually leverage the students’ natural talents to translate their individual genius into lifestyles of self-sufficiency, i.e. a mindset of financial success. By teaching at-risk students how to convert literacy (i.e. reading and writing skills) into self-published books, Tomorrow’s Purpose™ is using marketing, communication, and other ‘soft skills’ to link literacy to not only educational equity but just as important to our American value of having an entrepreneurial spirit.

Mission Statement:
To reduce generational poverty in our at-risk youth through literacy enrichment.

Tomorrow’s Purpose Vision:
To convert education equity in our at-risk youth (ages 7-15) into an entrepreneurial spirit and a lifetime of self-sufficiency.

Fostering a love of books, words, and stories, Tomorrow’s Purpose™ creates stronger Texas communities by modeling a love of reading in a child-centered environment that builds students’ character. Participating students can earn individual recognition by becoming a published author, marketing their self-published books on and or direct selling at meet-the-author events as well as book fairs.

How to Apply:
Register on our website. Camps are being held by video communications through ZOOM at the present time. Plan on doing a couple of in-person activities this summer.


  • After School Care / Youth Programs
Additional Details
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